Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Long overdue update.

Hi, sorry I haven't posted in a while. But here is an update.

I finished spraying my helmet. I have sprayed all of the colours onto it now, all except the yellow killstripes, although I do have a stencil for it which is going to be sprayed yellow/orange hopefully by the end of the week. Pictures:
I have also added a make shift 'make-do' visor that lasted me through comic-con in October and the halloween season, which was made of 2 sheets of acetate; one green and one dark grey. Did the job perfectly, but I felt the mandibles needed the added rigidity of a solid visor so I have bought one, and I am now waiting for my hot-glue gun to arrive! I have also finished my knees, although I have had a comment from someone on TDH that was saying that he thought they were a bit too yellow for ESB. But, I am going to leave them for now, then maybe in the future, mask them leaving the scratches then giving them a dusting of an orange spray paint.

Here are some pictures of my costume in its glory over Halloween and Comic-Con!