Friday, August 26, 2011

Some more bits in the post!

Over today I have found and bought some more bits for my costume. I have bought a scope for the top of my Blaster and some tools/resources to use to make it. The scope should be the right size, I used some dimensions posted on the Dented Helmet forum and this scope was the cheapest one that fit the bill :)

Thursday, August 25, 2011

So it begins.

So, I have just made my first purchases for my costume. Getting me started I have bought
  • Jumpsuit
  • Cape
  • Jet Pack
  • 2 bits to be used to make my gun from scratch ;)
And some custom armour is currently being made in the US for me by including all the armour pieces, the gauntlets and the tools that Boba keeps in his shin pockets. All fully painted.

Hi, this is my blog following the story of me building up a screen accurate replica Boba Fett costume from scratch. I have spent the last few weeks talking on The Dented Helmet, The Bounty Hunters Guild and the UK Garrison of the 501st about where to start and where to avoid.

This all started when I realized I want to do something fun with my money I am earning in my spare time by doing freelance graphic design, and I felt like I needed a hobby to use the money with. I originally was going to get a replica Stormtrooper costume, but the officially licensed Rubies costume for £670 was being slated all over the internet with terrible reviews and pictures to prove it. I am a perfectionist. :P So I wasn't going to settle with a terrible costume that still costed me an arm and a leg. But unfortunately due to the amount of hard work that goes into the armour for a Stormtrooper costume, I couldn't quite afford shelling out £1000+ on a brilliant costume. So I thought I would go to my next favourite character: Boba Fett.